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Using Alternative Words 使用替代詞

To show that you have a reasonable standard of English, you need to know how to use alternative words in your writing. 為了展示你有一個合理的英語水準,你需要知道如何在你的寫作中使用替代詞。 Can you think of the best alternative word to replace the word ‘good’ in the following sentences? 你能想出最好的替代詞來代替以下句子中的 ‘good’ 這個詞嗎? Think about the following situation: You had your birthday last week, so your family took you to a restaurant, then went to see a film afterwards. You also received a present from your parents. You have thought of the following ideas: 1. The weather was good. 2. The restaurant was good. 3. The service was good. 4. The food was good. 5. I had a good time there. 6. The film was good. 7. The story was good. 8. The plots were good. 9. The acting was good. 10. The cinematography was good. 11. The present was good. 想想下面的情況:你上週過生日,家人帶你去了一家餐館,之後又去看了場電影。 你還收到 了父母送的禮物。 你有以下意念: 1. 天氣很好。 2. 餐廳不錯。 3. 服務很好。 4. 食物很好。 5. 我在那裡玩得很開心。 6. 電影不錯。 7. 故事不錯。 8. 劇情不錯。 9. 演技不錯。 10. 攝影很好。 11. 禮物很好。

Grammar Notes 文法筆記 You cannot use the same word too many times in a story. Having a strong word power so that you can think of alternative words has become an important direction in your writing. 你不能在一個故事中多次使用同一個詞。擁有強大的辭彙,讓你可以想到替代詞已經成為你寫作的一個重要方向。 1. The weather was good. • The weather was terrific. 2. The restaurant was good. • The restaurant was excellent. 3. The service was good. • The service was remarkable. 4. The food was good. • The food was delicious. 5. I had a good time there. • I had a marvellous time there. 6. The film was good. • The film was award-winning. 7. The story was good. • The story was exciting. 8. The plots were good. • The plots were well-planned and twisting. 9. The acting was good. • The acting was brilliant. 10. The cinematography was good. • The cinematography was unforgettable. 11. The present was good. • The present was valuable. It was my birthday last Friday. The weather was terrific when I finished school. I thought my mother would prepare a feast for me while I was walking home. Surprisingly, my mother said she had reserved a table at a famous restaurant. Having changed my clothes, I lay in bed and took a nap. Before 6 o’clock, my mother woke me up and we set out for the restaurant. There I had a marvellous time, for the food was delicious and the waiter’s service was remarkable. On the whole, it was an excellent restaurant. After dinner, we did not go straight home. My father said he had bought tickets for a film which would start in half an hour. We took a stroll and reached the cinema just in time. It was an award-winning film with a big cast. The story was exciting and the plots were well thought out with unexpected twists. The actors’ acting was brilliant and the cinematography was unforgettable. I really liked the film and would like to watch it again when given a chance. I received a present from my parents when I returned home. It was a watch of my favourite brand. For me, it was definitely a most valuable present from my parents. 上週五是我的生日。我放學的時候天氣很好。我步行回家的時候,我想我媽媽會在為我準備一頓大餐。 令人驚訝的是,我媽媽說她在一家著名的餐廳預訂了一張桌子。換好衣服後,我躺在床上睡了一覺。六點前,媽媽叫醒了我,我們就出發去餐廳。我在那裡度過了一段美妙的時光,因為食物很美味,服務員的服務也很棒。總的來說,這是一家極好的餐廳。 吃過晚飯,我們沒有直接回家。我父親說他買了電影票,半小時後上映。我們隨便逛了逛,正好趕到了電影院。這是一部獲獎影片,演員陣容龐大。故事很精彩,情節經 過深思熟慮,有意想不到的曲折。演員們的表演非常出色,電影攝影令人難忘。我真的很喜歡這部電影,如果有機會,我想再看一遍。 回家後,我收到了父母送的禮物。這是我最喜歡品牌的手錶。對我來說,這絕對是父母送給我極珍貴的禮物。 Note:

"A most valuable present" means "a very valuable present". "Most" means "very" here and has no superlative meaning, nor makes a comparison with other things or presents. If you use "the" before "most", the meaning will be completely different.


“A most valuable present”是指“非常有價值的禮物”。 “Most”在這裡是“非常”的意思,沒有最高級的意思,也沒有與其他事物或禮物進行比較的意思。 如果在“most”之前使用“the”, 意思就完全不同了。


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